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The City of Crescent has a Council-Manager form of government.

The elected Mayor and City Council establish policy and appoint a City Manager who operates within and enforces that policy.

City Manager

Janet Smith has been selected as the new City Manager of Crescent and she will begin work here in that capacity starting September 2015.
While finishing a Master of Public Administration degree at the University of Central Oklahoma, and prior to her position here in Crescent, Ms. Smith served Ponca City as Assistant to the City Manager, Craig Stephenson. The position in Ponca City helped prepare her for a career in municipal management by exposing her to issues that every municipality in the state must address. Some of her responsibilities included coordinating efforts for Debris Management Plans to submit to FEMA in the event of a disaster or catastrophe, involvement with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) on surface and ground water rights, discussions with City Managers on 522 EMS/Ambulance Districts for Kay County cities and towns, Kay County Mayor’s Round Table (KCMRT) monthly meetings, Oklahoma MainStreet Planning Committee for DxDT and Crazy Days, Oklahoma Mid-Sized City Coalition meetings at the State Capitol, working with the Parks & Recreation Department to help develop the Ponca City Lake Trail, Union negotiation with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Ponca City Raw Water Supply, Ponca City StormWater, member of the Citizens Academy Leadership Training with the Oklahoma Municipal League (OML), Fiber To The Premise (FTTP) for Ponca City, and also in personnel decisions for the Human Resources Department.
Not only does she possess the skills necessary for administration, but she also has an extensive background in private industry and the public sector that includes grassroots organizational development, real estate marketing, commercial development, knowledge of manufacturing from an owner standpoint, small business creation, and interaction with government officials in the states and abroad. Throughout her professional career she has held many positions that required supervision and oversight of employees, budgets and corporate issues.
When asked about her appointment to the position of City Manager of Crescent she says, “I am eager to begin my work and feel very positive that I can be an asset to the community. I plan to work hard to earn the trust of City Council as well as the citizens, and to help see their vision and goals become a reality as we renew and regenerate the City of Crescent.” -Mark Radford, The Logan County Courier

Janet Smith – email: jsmith@cityofcrescent.com

City Clerk / Treasurer

Trina McCracken – email: cmccracken@cityofcrescent.com

Water Department

Lori Lindholm – llindholm@cityofcrescent.com

Police Chief

Chase Biggs – email: cbiggs@cityofcrescent.com

Librarian / Court Clerk

Trina McCracken – email: cmccracken@cityofcrescent.com

City Ordinances

View Municipal Codes PDF
The code of ordinances may have additions or deletions by the City Council that are not yet available online. If you have any questions, please call City Hall at (405) 969-2538.

Water Quality Report

View Water Quality Report PDF
This water quality report contains important information about the quality and safety of the water the city provides residents. For questions or to report a problem, please call (405) 969-2538.

City Council Meetings

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The City holds monthly council meetings in the City Hall Building at 205 North Grand at 6PM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. (Allowing for schedule changes for holiday conflicts.) We invite all our citizens to come be part of the process!