September Movie In The Park

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Looking for a family friendly event this fall? Want to enjoy a family movie without the long drive, or the hassle of a movie theater? Come out to The Movie In The Park hosted by the Crescent City Library!

The movie in the park is becoming a weather permitting monthly event that seeks to bring the community together to network, interact, and strengthen bonds between the community as well as give the children of the community something to look forward to and enjoy. The City of Crescent is committed to developing and improving community ties and is extremely excited for the future of this occurrence and looks forward to developing additional similar events in the coming months. The event will include food trucks, festivities, the ability to meet and converse with members of the city and police force, and of course the feature film presentation at dusk. The film being shown this month is “The Boss Baby”, a comical family friendly movie about a young baby (who is actually a top secret spy) who teams up with his young brother to stop the rise of “Puppy Co.”. This adorable struggle between brothers and family pet is sure to be a great time for the whole family, young and old alike.

So, grab a blanket, some lawn chairs, or some popcorn and come spend the waning days of summer with the community and enjoy an event that is sure to be enjoyable for all.

Water Line Project Update

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Just a quik update on the citywide water project. The replacement of the city mains is nearly complete. Steven DeFuentes, the its water supervisor, has told me to expect final completion of the replacement of the mains by the end of the month, weather permitting. Please excuse the shutoff of the water supply when breaks occur. The existing system had very few water shutoff valves, so when a break occurred, the entire city supply had to be stopped. The new system will have many valves allowing for isolation of trouble areas, allowing us to keep service supplied the majority of the town for most repairs.

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